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15, transmasc, gay boy!!!!!

he/it/xe pronouns page

click the red music button on the right to see my soundcloud. the userbox blinkie will take ya to my userbox page. the live swagcam blinkie will take u to my twitch. the biohazards dog will take ya to my chickensmoothie account. everything else is just cool decoration.

about me

Hola fellas. I'm Scourge. I like things and I'm a funky zombie boy. Idk what gender is but if I were to describe mine it would be like one of those glow in the dark stars u can get at the dollar store and tape to ur ceiling. I'm irl Scourge the hedgehog, fakeclaimers get off my turf, losers.

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cloud icon fav color: purple and red

cloud icon fav animal: i like anteaters, bats, coatimundis, sables, and puppies >:D

cloud icon hobbies: drawing, editing videos, animation, writing, making music, and archiving everything

cloud icon likes: old toys, animatronics, biohazards, swag, rotisserie chicken, binge-listening to podcasts over and over

cloud icon subcultures: scene, punk, cybergoth, rave, speedkore, gyaruo, oshare-kei


cloud icon least fav person: margaret thatcher

cloud icon least fav animal: glass animals or whatever the fuck that band is called

cloud icon dislikes: people who can't tolerate other opinions, fakeclaimers, people who act like they're morally higher up than everyone else just because.

userboxes soundcloud twitch rating a transparent gif of some anime guy playing dance dance revolution